CHAMP Flight

The standings below represent the accumulated point totals for each player over the course of a season.
The Season Total for a player is calculated by taking the four best point totals from all of the tournaments and then adding the Championship results.
A player is only eligible for the Season Points Championship if they play in the Championship tournament.
The Championship is worth double the points of the regular season tournaments.
Points are earned based on the player's finish in their Flight for that tournament.
First place earns 15 points, second place earns 12 points, and third place earns 10 points.
Fourth place through tenth place earns 8 to 2 points respectively and any finish lower than tenth earns 1 point.
Again, all of the points are doubled for the Championship event.
A winner will be determined for each tournament, but ties are allowed for all other places.
A tie will result in points being divided equally among those who tied.
For example if there is a three way tie for second place each player would receive 10 points (12 + 10 + 8 = 30, 30 / 3 = 10).

1ST Flight

2ND Flight

3RD Flight

NET Flight

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